Cliffs of Cosiguina 2008

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Cliffs of Cosiguina
You could see from the plane as we flew down the northern coast of Nicaragua the enormous cliffs that presented themselves at the end of the Cosiguina Peninsula where it meets the Fonseca Gulf. The question was, how were we going to get to this very remote part of Nicaragua? Some of the maps show dirt roads going up the peninsula to the end -------

Children of Nicaragua

Children of Nicaragua
Clicky Web Analytics "My day job here in the US is photographing children involved in sports of all age groups from the teenies at 4-5 years old, up to high school age children. On any day I may take from 200- 600 individual and team images of the kids. So I have come to have an observant perspective towards my subjects. The children come from all ethnic backgrounds including quite a few of Spanish heritage.What I find compelling is that I do not observe the same intensity of expression here in the States as when taking children's pictures in Nicaragua. Something more comes through, Mostly it is their eyes, a soulful look, a neutral detached observation by them, waiting to see what you might do next.An innocence that has not been tampered with by a excess of TV and video games ? Act like a clown and they will reward you with a smile that washes over your heart and makes your day. The stark sadness is there too sometimes, that's when it's time for the clown act---- "

San Juan Del Sur / Ometepe Is. 2004

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San Juan Del Sur-- Ometepe Island
San Juan Del Sur because of its close proximatry to Costa Rica became the first location in Nicaragua to be "discovered" by foreign tourists. Set on the Pacific in a horse shoe shaped cove it is the gateway to many beautiful beaches north and south . Ometepe Island is made up of two connected volcanos sitting in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It's remoteness has let it retain the old ways of Nicaragua

Leon, 2008

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Leon, Nicaragua 2008
Leon, is the second largest city in Nicaragua. Originally it was the old colonial and Political capital and still retains much of the flavor of 100 years ago. Numerous old Churches dating back to the 16th Century,and old Spanish architecture. It lacks the quick pace and frantic lifestyle Of Managua. The old culture of Nicaragua is being retained in Leon.

Playa Jiquilillo,2008

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Playa Jiquilillo 2008

A long wide beach on the Northwestern side of Nicaragua facing the Pacific Ocean. Still a very primitive fishing village with limited acommodations, friendly people and a very relaxed life style where time slows and you can readily feel your place in the Universe. Very dark at night which only tends to increase the Moon and star light. Just say AAAH.

Volcan Telica, 2005

Volcan Telica, Nicaragua
Clicky Web Analytics One of the more active volcanoes in Nicaragua, coming back to life every few years. It is possible at quiet times to hike right to the edge and look down thousands of feet to the firey core. The views from the volcano are spectatular to say the least looking east to the mountains towards Esteli and West to the Pacific Ocean.

Volcan Cosiguina, 2005

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Volcan Cosiguina 2005

Located at the far northwestern tip of Nicaragua on a penninsula, Volcan Cosiguina is a spectacular dormant volcano with a crater lake. From the top you can view the Pacific Ocean to the West, El Salvador to the north and Honduras to the northeast accross the Fonseca Gulf.


Estero Padre Ramos, 2008

Estero Padre Ramos, Nicaragua
Located on the Northwestern Pacific coast, it is one of the most ecologically important areas of Nicaragua.Coastal Mangrove Swamps with a inlet from the Pacific Ocean. 5 miles wide and 18 miles long. Home to hundreds of bird species and numerous animal life.