Volcano Cosiguina 2009

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Volcano Cosiguina is at the end of a penninsula facing the Fonseca Gulf. It is
about a three hour climb from Potosi.We left early in the morning just before
sunrise to take advantage of the cool temperatures as we hiked up through the
cow fields and forest to the top of the volcano. 1800 feet below the rim is a
emerald crater lake.

Playa Jiquilillo 2009

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Jiquilillo Beach February 2009

Cliffs and Bird Islands of the Fonseca Gulf 2009

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Cliffs and Bird Islands

This show is about a trip in a small fishing boat up along the Pacific Coast to the Northwestern tip of Nicaragua.

There lies the Cosiguina Volcano on a Penninsula which is 3/4's surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Foncesa Gulf. Stunningly beautiful 175 ft tall lava cliffs face the Ocean at the tip and Ocean going bird islands are in the Fonseca Gulf.